Thursday, February 15, 2007

Giving blogging a try

So I've decide to dabble myself into the world of blogging and to see how it suits me. I felt that it could possibly be a healthy way to explore my interests, rants and frustrations as I forge through the dissertation process.

Hopefully, those who have had similar experiences in academia and with the doctoral dissertation can offer their advice - so far this is a scary and intimidating world. And like the title of my blog implies, it feels as if I am wading through a wasteland. The search for real intellectual activity while avoiding ego-driven politics, the desire to entirely immerse myself in a career-driven pursuit while negotiating the pressure and the desire to create a family and spend time with my new husband while maintaining my independence are all issues that will probably come to life in these blogs.

And I'm hoping, in all honesty, that it will save me the cost of a therapist and provide me with some resolve and direction.

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myrrh said...

I'm so happy to have inspired the blogging. Woohoo! And I have a whole list of academic-y blogs that I read. I'll email them to you directly.

Take care, sister-friend,