Saturday, February 17, 2007

Moody Me

I was searching on one of my favorite sites, artchive, to find a photograph or piece of art that helped express how I am feeling today. I found this piece by Emmett Gowin titled Edith, photographed in 1971.

I am drawn to this photograph out of desire, because I want to be Edith, I want to close my eyes put my hands on my head, surrender to the world and take a step outside of myself- even if it is just a little mental step.
I would like a bit of solititude. I would like to feel the sun on my skin and not have to think about anything at all except for the way that it feels.

Today was a hard day. I am moody, my grandmother is in the hospital, I found a plagiarized paper while grading, and husband and I are not communicating well at all.

And yesterday, Shabbat started so nicely with a home-cooked meal for the newleyweds. Sometimes slowing down can be harder then going at full speed. We'll try again next week.

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