Tuesday, February 27, 2007

quick post on failed grant attempt

WARNING: do not try this at home or in your home department.

we have been working on a grant proposal for our graduate student journal to apply to get big monies from rich art lovers. great, right?
wrong. this is what happened:
we wrote and revised drafts of the narrative and budget component (2 weeks work), filled out endless confusing forms (3 days work), and finally had appointments to get all necessary signatures...BWT and PK.
except hadn't really noticed one ---- THE DEAN or more importantly did not know what getting this signature would entail.

according to KH who talked to PW in the Dean's office - our grant proposal before even being submitted needs to get the dean's approval -- and go through a special lady M who checks for conflicts of interest. OK fine. so we had planned on this... at least we knew that the university needed to approve the proposal. but what we didn't know was that the Arts Gallery on campus has been in cohutz with the Humanities office and the AW Foundation (the ones with the money) and they are worried because our proposal looks so great - that we will ruin the Gallery's chances of getting money for an upcoming exhibition! WHA?>!!T?

So, no dean's signature.
confused? yeah, me too.

questions i have -- and reasons i remain suspicious

1. why shouldn't we enter into fair competition with the gallery and see who the foundation chooses to fund?
2. Why can't said foundation fund both parties? after all, don't they have millions of dollars?
3. how come I was directed to deal with DH? Who is she? What office does she work for? What advice had I been given? And how come she didn't know any of this?
4. Lastly, if the dean is going to prevent us from getting funds maybe she can pay for our printing costs? and our new database software?

in short me am PO'd and tired and confused and exhausted and never want to step foot on or near a university bureaucracy ever again.


myrrh said...

Oy! I'm so sorry to hear about this.... but I have to say, as someone who worked on the foundation side, we often wanted organizations to internally decide where they preferred money to be allocated. It wasn't fair or nice, but from the outside it was hard to tell who deserved and therefore the decisions fell to internal decisionmakers. There is still lots of arts funding out there. Keep your chin up, something else will come your way.

eva said...

Yes, clearly I still have a lot to learn. Certainly there may be legitimate reasons for this policy.
However, the policy should be transparent - especially for those who are applying.
Otherwise, they are really wasting all of our time.