Sunday, February 25, 2007

saying goodnight on another sunday

Just for the record, this Sunday was much better than last. Husband and I had a discussion about how much it is OK for me to work outside of the 9-5 hours, or rather when it is OK to work when he is at home.
I had a really hard time with this discussion. I mean - I feel like I should be able to work whenever I have work to do. after all, he is always encouraging me to be ambitious about my career -- apply, write, research, learn, do! - but, when am I really supposed to do all of this? especially since most of the time i am just trying to satisfy my teaching obligations. hmmm..

We decided that it was reasonable for me to work one day a week (out of the 5) after he goes to bed - so I get to stay up and work until the wee hours of the morning ...
and two weekend days a month.

And granted this isn't like a law written in stone or anything, of course it is flexible, but my husband likes to think in this way. I can't explain it - but I guess it is his way of organizing our relationship. I don't mind as long as I don't feel like it is super controlling or rigid - which he thoroughly explained to me that it is not. But still, it wasn't an easy discussion, and I am not used to having to plan my work life to work around someone else's schedule. in the end - its probably best not to be stubborn about this, because basically all he is saying is that when he is home he wants to hang out with me - and i guess that is pretty cool. and that i need to learn when to turn off my brain and have a little down time.
so getting back to this weekend. because of our discussion, which took place on wednesday (i think) i felt it necessary to show H that I could relax and have fun this weekend and not think about work. it was kinda hard. i kept wanting to pick up books and to start reading. you know, start planning my class for tuesday.

now, it is sunday and he fell asleep early and again - i'm tempted to start planning class. i'm starting to worry that i didn't do anything to prep for my week ahead and i've got so much stuff to do this week.
it is possible that i will be driving to campus (1hr and 10 min - one way) four days out of five.
my adviser could only meet me tomorrow at 5pm.
the grant for the journal needs to be postmarked by thursday.
and still needs the budget to be signed and approved by the university bureaucracy and our faculty adviser. not to mention forms that need to be filled out -- and i'm not even sure yet which ones?
FAFSA deadline is Friday, and we still have not filed taxes.
and the graduate student conference is Friday and Sat - I think I'll go for one day only but I need to create a flyer for the journal to put into the participants folders.

urbanism course plan for this week is:
tuesday -- Frederick Law Olmsted and Urban Park Planning
thursday -- Ebeneezer Howard and the Garden City Movement

any cool teaching ideas anyone? I'm thinking about tying the Hudson River Valley School of painting and the idea of the picturesque in with Olmsted.
no ideas yet on Howard... but I haven't done much thought or research on it yet.

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