Friday, March 9, 2007

don't raise your eyebrow at me!!!

Finally the week is drawing to a close and I can take a moment on a Friday morning to write in my blog.

A few updates-
As for last weeks grant funding fiasco - today I am meeting with MB to discuss another grant that we will be applying for. Since we have most of the paperwork done already it should not be too difficult to transfer over to this new application. Hopefully, this will have a happy ending.

This week I think my classes went very well. We had a lot of material to cover, I had assigned about 100 pages of reading - all of which I thought was somewhat reasonable - but after talking to husband - realized that it is indeed alot for students who are taking 5 classes at a time. I am doubtful that they have read it all, but in my mind I forgave them because I should be sensitive to their very busy lives as students. --

after all, they have those sorority skits to plan!!

You know, I'm still very torn on this issue. I don't want to condemn them from being typical college students, but at the same time I wish the academic part of their lives was a bit more rigorous. Hopefully, when I finally get a tenure track job --- yes, I will get one!! It will be in a university where intellectual rigor is the status quo.

So, despite all of my internal feelings about my students, I put my judgmental nature aside to try and be more sympathetic to the very difficult experience of living on your own for the first time. It actually helped me in class because I think I came off as more sympathetic and in turn, they weren't afraid to share the thoughts and ideas. yipee!!

but the bit about the sorority skit was no joke - two students had to leave early yesterday because they were planning "skits" for their sorority that evening and needed to get it organized. -- hurray, for extracurricular activities!!!

This week in the public space class - I presented a guest lecture on my dissertation research and LH. It felt really good - in all honesty I had taken a little step away from this work over the past couple of months and it felt great to revisit it. This weekend I plan to slave away at the keyboard on my first chapter - while husband is partying at his Alma mater with old college friends.

On a totally random tangent: I got my first grey hair! Yes, and guess where it was? In my eyebrow!! I asked husband how funny it would be if my eyebrows turned grey and the rest of my head was still brunette!! I really hope that happens, that would be awesome!!

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