Friday, March 23, 2007

Halprin's RSVP Cycles

This morning I am at my favorite place to study. It is a coffee shop with huge windows, lots of light, high ceilings, ceiling fans, and scattered tables throughout a type of industrial looking space. Running along the floors are tones of power surges and extension cords so nearly every table can have a laptop plugged in. The chairs are also comfortable, which is very important in order to write well. Nearly everybody is working and their is a nice jazz tune playing on the overhead speakers.

So today I write! It is scary and intimidating. I feel so unprepared - I have so much more research to do. So In essence my plan is to write and leave blank spaces and question marks for where I still need to gather research. However, I think it is really important that I start.

My first chapter is about Halprin's development of what he called "the RSVP Cycle" it is a method for documenting the creative process. It can be utilized individually or for group creativity as well. It promotes an open process that is not goal-centered. Rather than focus on goals or objectives the RSVP Cycles focuses on process, performance and human interaction.

Here is a summary of what RSVP stands for:
It is an anagram for
R- resources
S - score
V - valuaction
P - performance

all of these components are necessary parts of the creative cycle. first, you need to recognize what resources are available to you and these are both psychological and physical resources. So let's say you are working on a public art project. You might have a certain amount of money (which is of course an important physical resource) but you might also have an individual obstacle in which you take issue with working with certain personalities or egos. This is an individual resource or obstacle that you will need to take into consideration as you work through the process. You also should be aware of your own physical limitations.

OK. Let's say I think about my dissertation as a creative project (which in many ways it is). Let's think of the RSVP Cycles in relation to it.

R - I have a certain amount of time to complete this project. I want to be finished by June 2008. I also am restricted by my need to make money, to support my living expenses. I do this by teaching. Teaching then takes time away from my dissertation project. So time management is an issue.
Personal resources: well I am certainly qualified to write this project, but I my own confidence issues sometimes get in the way.
I have 3 wonderful advisors to help me through this: FS, SS, and ED, I should definitely make use of their knowledge and expertise.
The Halprin archive in Philadelphia. Far but does have a lot of material. It is unorganized so it is a little difficult to find what I need.
DM - Halprin's assistant I need to keep in contact with her in case I have any questions that come up- so she knows who I am!
emotional support --- I'm fully stacked on this side. family and husband are very supportive but husband may take issue with how much time i need to work on project.
Libraries - I have access to a minimum of 5 large research libraries. 2 which are in the city that I live and the others I can have books mailed to me.

S- i have written a general proposal which can be utilized as a kind of outline. And although I have written chapter outlines - I'm not exactly sure that I will be sticking to it. But that is OK. Scores are meant to be used as guides but there is a certain amount of improvisation necessary.

V- this is the feedback section. Right now I have received very good feedback on my proposal (mostly). One criticism I received is that I have not been completely open to previous work that has been done on Halprin. This is something that I need to make sure I tackle - to read EVERYTHING that has already been done. I dont' think it is much, and I thought that I did do that work but SS did not think so. I will need to talk to her some more about this and see if she can point me to specific work that I am not aware of.

P- well the performance is ongoing right now. this is the writing part. and it is the result of all the work mentioned above.

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