Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Cleaning

It seems as if one day a week is going to be what I am able to post. Though I may have more time in the coming weeks because I am starting to TA for a new class (Carvaggio to Bernini) and the workload doesn't really kick in until the students get ready for their midterm. That should give me four or five weeks...

Today is one of my four days of "spring break." In the spirit of true "spring break" I am blasting Bob Marley while I clean the house. It's awesome. I slept in today until 10am - and after cleaning and "passover-izing" the house I will be going to get a mani-pedi with KH in PB (where the true spring-breakers are). Then its off to a work happy hour with husband - and maybe a shabbat dinner at home?

Tomorrow we go up to LA to help mom prep for seder on monday. This passover is going to be tough. My family is going through a very rough patch. My aunt (mom's sis) has brain cancer and has been going through heavy duty chemo. Now a current MRI has shown the regrowth of two small tumors. So they are switching up her treatment. My grandma is currently in the hospital recovering from a broken leg and an infection that she got in the hospital recovering from the broken leg.

My mom has been superwoman lately - caring for everyone in her family (her mom and sis). I wish that there was more that I could do. It's hard during the week because I'm so busy with work/school, but I try and telephone to check up on everyone. Make sure that noone has fallin of the edge or anything. You need people to get through something like this. This is something I understand.

Making progress on the diss... slowly but surely. Will write more later. Need to return to my spring cleaning.

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