Friday, March 2, 2007

waiting for carpool

I'm waiting for JD to come meet me for our carpool to campus this morning for the Program's annual conference. I'm looking forward to a non-stressful day of listening to presentations and meeting some new people.

Yesterday was a busy day - and I would like to write a post a little bit later about my students at the small liberal arts religious school where I teach urbanism. I've been thinking about them all day.

As for the conference - I'm happy that I'm not putting it on. I'm not going to try and impress anyone. I'm going to take it all in. I will also be trying to sell some copies of our Journal, and get some subscriptions. Other than that. It is a decompress day for me.

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Ari said...

9:15-Weren't you planning on leaving at 8:30?