Thursday, April 26, 2007

NEVER gloat

a couple things you may have noticed.

1. i have not followed up on the whole calorie counting thing. this because i decided that it is an absolutely awful idea. what a way to torture yourself in life!! on top of all the stresses that we women have to deal with - why on earth would we stress ourselves out about something that should be enjoyable?!

2. yesterday I was gloating about how wonderfully time managed I am - hah! I try. yes, and of course i try to convince myself that yes, i am so on top of things! yesterday i did not finish planning my class on lagos for today. why? oh probably because i was too busy gloating that the day before and the monday before that i had had such a wonderful day! yes, too busy to gloat and not busy enough to finish your work.

so today's class went fine - but clearly not as well as tuesday because i was still sitting high on cloud nine. Looks like I may be teaching an intro to modern architecture survey course next spring 2008 -- awesome. I'm so thrilled that they keep offering me teaching jobs - i guess they haven't quite figured out yet that I am a complete and total fraud and that i have no idea what the hell i am doing! as soon as they figure that out - i'll be gone for sure. until then, i guess i should just live it up.


myrrh said...

GAH! Don't say that. You are not a fraud, just an excellent teacher with low self esteem!!

I have to say, I've felt something similar this whole year being surrounded by these "giant" Dorot fellows who have done amazing things with their lives, and I wonder when the organization is going to figure out that I snuck into the group. Oh well.

Agreed completely on the calorie counting. Just eat good, healthy food until you are full. And then work out. No secrets to losing weight. I should start taking some of my own advice.

Anonymous said...

don't ever say you're a fraud. I know sometimes one can't help thinking it. Never provide ammunition to any present or future potential enemies.