Wednesday, April 25, 2007

office hours post

Considering all of the questions that I was bombarded with both during and after class yesterday, my office hours are surprisingly quiet. I have been catching up on some email correspondence and will soon move into planning our class for tomorrow. I'm so happy that we have only three weeks left. This 15-week semester system can be deadly -- that is, deadly boring.

After catching up on some email correspondence, I will move toward prepping for class tomorrow. It will be a bit challenging - we are researching Lagos and its position as a "global city." Sometimes, no, in fact most of the time, when creating a syllabus, I include about half a semester's worth of material that is new to me. (Do I have too many commas in that sentence?). Anyway, this material tomorrow is new to me. I think planning a class this way helps keep my interest in the class - and I would hope that it benefits the students by reading the most current topics and debates. However, with this plan there are some hits and some misses.

I have to say that the most challenging aspect of my job is without a doubt time management. This week has been a stellar time management week. Not only have I been able to work out, keep the house clean, and read stuff "for fun," but I've also been working on the grad journal, and creating really nice, refined lesson plans. Yeah for me! The downside is always of course - the diss... when to write??? Well with one class finishing up in 3 weeks - my time should be freed up.

This summer I am teaching a class on Los Angeles Cinema. This is great except that if I have low enrollment they will cancel the class and I will not get paid for the summer. So I have to start advertising the class around the department - make really snazzy fliers and advertise all the cool films we will be watching.

Last thing on my mind lately, MUSIC. Sometimes I really get into music modes where I listen to music that either helps inspire or reflect my mood. As of late this occurrence has been happening fewer and fewer times. What I mean is that I have been less inclined to turn on music and often just opt for silence even while driving or news. When I was younger, if I was angry, sad, or just plain moody I could very easily pick the kind of music that would help me in that time. Nowadays, it is very rare that music can act as an easy fix. It is harder for me to determine what the right music is at the right time. I don't know why this is happening. I'm thinking that either I am bored by my music selection, or that more likely, my moods are more complex and harder to pinpoint.

So today, music selection: Elliott Smith's album, Basement on a Hill. Also was inspired by hearing a whistled version of Paul Simon's Mother and Child Reunion by Steve Jones on Jonesy's Jukebox.

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