Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No excuses

Now that my teaching responsibilities have quieted down a little bit there are no more excuses for not getting to all of my other responsibilities that have pushed to the sidelines. Some of the important things that I need to pick up with:

1. grad journal: need to solicit more funding. So far we have about $1000 dollars for this volume which is not bad but we need $1000 more. Time to knock on more doors and write some very persuasive letters.

2. dissertation: yesterday I made a diss to-do list to get me back in the flow. includes emailing Halprin's office in SF, researching architectural process, and writing!!! write, write, write!!

3. have been a bit irresponsible about returning some local library books. seems like a silly errand, but is slightly more complicated than it seems.

4. make flier for summer class -- I need to increase enrollment, otherwise it is bye bye summer pay. :-(

Okay so no more excuses, time to get to work and start checking things off. sometimes i can really be so lackadaisical.

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