Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Teaching Burn Out

I have not disappeared completely, but have again entered into the oblivion of grading. Monday I graded 75 exams on Caravaggio from 9am until 12:30 am with a break for lunch, dinner and an hour of television. Today I am grading 14 papers for the urbanism class which ends tomorrow. - Yeah! I'm so thrilled it is finally coming to an end.

Two students emailed me yesterday in a panic about the exam and told me that they will be in my office hours, but they still have not showed up. Though one woman dropped by (a fave student of mine). Ok, yes I have favorites, but that is only because some of my students actually work hard and earn my respect.

I really do enjoy teaching, but it is hard to love it when you feel that you have completely put aside your own research and work in order to do it. I think I am finally understanding why academics want small teaching loads. It is nearly impossible to advance yourself as a scholar if you don't write, and teaching is incredibly demanding.

So much of the same old same old. Things have not been so good in the family sphere. And in all honesty its nice to have work to do to get my mind off of things. It is very distracting. I will write again soon.

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