Thursday, June 14, 2007

Architecture and the Fountainhead

Last night I was reading this book given to me by GB. It is called the Image of the Architect. Since I am trying to make the connection in my dissertation between the solitary artist and the image of the architect I thought that this book would help me to make this argument. While reading a chapter on the architect as "hero" and "genius," I was introduced to the novel the Fountainhead, a book I know about but have never read.
The author of Image (whom I cannot recall at the moment) makes the argument that Ayn Rand uses the architect as the model for her theory of individualism and not by chance. That the architect, while both professional and well-integrated into society, has the capability to use creativity and genius to promote objective individualism.

I'm still looking for more resources on this subject - but this is a great start and I can do a lot with this.

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Valerie said...

For an interesting introduction to Ayn Rand and The Fountainhead, you might want to check out: Merrill Schleier, "Ayn Rand and King Vidor's Film 'The Fountainhead': Architectural Modernism, the Gendered Body and Political Ideology" The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 61:3 (Sept 2002) pp 310-331 [available in JSTOR]

By the way, I too found your blog via Rateyourstudents, and have enjoyed reading it!