Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Coffee in LA

So today I have changed location for my usual writing/thinking/studying. I have come out to Los Angeles this week to help my family deal with my grandmother's health issues. Essentially, I am a go-to person - in case someone needs something- errands, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to cook dinner for them - I am here. In the meantime, while I have not been called on to help - I am continuing with my own errands and work.

I am sitting in a place called Jennifer's Coffee Connection in Studio City, it is right across the street from the more trendy Aroma's. But I like Jennifer's because it is quieter and less of a "scene." But soon after my arrival and placement on a low lying leather couch, I began to realize that we are "not in Kansas anymore." That is, this is Lala land and certainly not San Diego. Studio City is like this little enclave in LA where a lot of behind the scenes people live: screenwriters, character actors, musicians for hire. It is a cool creative neighborhood and has retained a kind of down- to-earth Hollywood feel - less concerned let's say with the glitz and glam - but inhabits some of the creative people who don't show their faces on screen.

Next to me is a man working on his laptop - screenplay pulled up. Across the room are three scruffy guys two in their 50s and one cleaner-cut 30-something, enjoying coffee, reading the newspaper and talking about gigs. They are clearly jazz musicians who don't work until later in the day.

In the front of the place is a not-so pretty couple. One bald guy wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt. He resembles Max Weinberg from Letterman - though he is clearly not. He is with a blond haired overweight woman and they are talking about health. Particularly they seem to be discussing New Age methods of healing -- very LA ala the 1970s.

3 gorgeous blonds just walked in - models? Who knows?

The thing is, in this town everybody is a somebody and you can't help wonder what makes these people special enough to live in the 3rd wealthiest city in the world. sigh.

Screenwriter guy is now surfing on Craigs list - job hunting? OKAY enough snooping. Time to mind by own business.

Tata from lala land.

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