Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shark Tank Part II

I was informed recently that I have been leaving some unresolved teasers on this blog. I promised you that I would update with the results of my day at Cream (The Shark Tank), and I never did. Well it was actually an interesting story and burst my whole theory about the "shark tank" so I will finish it here.

At 11'oclock sat another potential comrade with a stack of blue books on his table. I was considering if and when I would make my move. Finally, on coincidence, we were both up at the counter ordering drinks. As we walked back to our respective tables, I asked him my opening line, "What class are you grading for?"

"Art History."
I perked up, excited.

"Oh yeah, me too."
"Oh, really?" (real genuine interest here too)
"Yeah, Caravaggio to Bernini - Italian Baroque"
"I'm grading Modern Art"
"Lucky you." ( not sarcastically, I say)

To make a long story short. We ended up chatting for about an hour. Discussing our respective programs (UCSD vs. UCI), our research, our projects (go here to see one of his current projects.) He is a PhD Candidate in Art Criticism Media and Theory at UCSD. We exchanged info and hopefully we will run into each other again.


MissHoneychurch said...

There was a PBS special on Caravaggio this past weekend. You should look out for its repeat in your area. It was about his life and his art.

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