Thursday, July 12, 2007

another digression...

what a totally depressing day. i hate to be a downer, but it's true and totally unavoidable. i started off motivated in a coffee shop, but then when the barista lectured me about not telling them that i had wanted a nonfat latte my spirit just got crushed. i swear i had asked for a nonfat latte and after taking a couple sips of what they gave me i realized it was whole milk. i asked them to please change it - and when the barista delivered the new one to my table i got scolded!! There were 3 people total in the whole place, they weren't busy -- so I'm not sure what the attitude was all about. In my opinion a customer should get what they ask for and if they accidentally messed up - oh well, the customer is always right -- right?

so then after finishing my coffee i immediately left. i had planned on spending a few hours there and possibly getting lunch too - but I wasn't about to spend more money in that place (Lulu's Beehive in Studio City)! so i went home -- tried to work, got very little done, and then began searching online information about brain cancer. this is what my aunt has right now and yesterday i had a very strange visit with her -- she is definitely changing and I just wanted to get informed about what was going on with her. so i read some stuff online - got myself even more depressed and then looked at old family pictures.

i called my sis and asked her to come over after work. i'm waiting for mom, dad and sis to arrive. hopefully that will cheer me up. tomorrow my friend EW is coming over to work/hangout/swim. that will be fun.

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