Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Civic Duty

I'm sorry I have not posted for quite a few days. This past weekend was very busy and then I had to report to jury duty on Monday. I had never done jury duty before and I have to say that it was quite an educational experience.

I was put on a jury for a trial that could have potentially lasted three weeks. And while part of me really did want to be a juror the other part of me knew that I could really not afford to spare three weeks of life - but who can really? For most of the day I was Juror #6. The case (though I can't say too much) involved an important hospital in the San Diego area and a patient who was suing the hospital and a doctor for negligence. The day was dedicated to jury selection and as Juror #6 I was open to receiving a barrage of questions from the attorneys on both sides. Most of the questions were about my feelings about the jury system (do you think it works or not?), views on life in general (do you believe in karma?), and then more specific questions like have you ever had a close relative or family member who had cardiac bypass surgery?

I had to bring up my aunt being ill and my grandmother who did have cardiac bypass surgery two years ago. I was also directly asked if I felt that suing a doctor was more serious than suing a mechanic. And I said, yes, because we hold doctors to a high esteem, we expect them to care for us and our health, and you can't replace your health like you can a car.

I'm not sure what exactly it was that I said, but the defense (the attorney for the doctor) asked that I be excused. I'm thinking that she believed with all of my family's health issues that I would be more sympathetic toward the patient. So that was it, by 4'oclock I had fulfilled my civic duty and was on my way.

Because of my lack of posting lately, I promise a double post today! check back a little later... and I will return to the more interesting topics of art, architecture, writing and my research. Sorry for the digression.

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