Monday, July 16, 2007

odds and ends

Phew. So today I trudged through Kant's aesthetics and made it out to the other side. For now, the first draft of Kant and Plato are behind me,and I am starting to move into more familiar territory --(the 20th century!). Tomorrow I tackle the Machine in the Studio and hopefully get to the Image of the Architect and a more thorough discussion of Frank Lloyd Wright - the all-American architect.

...still in LA. Made dinner for the folks tonight, and finally found a great workspace in the dining room. Family is hanging in the there, but more tough times lay ahead. Planning for my summer class which starts Aug. 7 is also coming along. I decided not to do anything tricky - I don't have the time or energy to teach a lot of new material. I will keep it to what I know. I'm working off of a syllabus from my class last Fall. Since it is a summer class I do need to make some adjustments, mainly cut the reading to what is doable in a 5 week period.

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