Monday, July 23, 2007

Study Space Reviewed: Krakatoa, San Diego

I'm sitting in Krakatoa, San Diego. This is a really cute cafe that serves coffee, sandwiches, and desserts. It is in Golden Hill and is a converted house (seems like some of the best coffee places are designed from old homes). The interior space is painted a cool red and offers about 5 nice size tables with comfortable chairs. the chair seat height to tabletop height ratio is perfect for working on a laptop or reading and taking notes. An overhead ceiling fan provides the perfect breeze on those 75+ degree summer days. The place is not overly air conditioned like most Starbucks are and because the windows and doors are kept open even when you sit inside you feel like you are almost outdoors. If you prefer to sit outside this is actually where most of the seating is. There is a large wooden deck comfortably shaded by red umbrellas and two large mature trees. The one downside to sitting outside is probably the pesky birds who will snatch your food if you leave it unattended for a moment.

As far as research conveniences go, the plug in situation is acceptable with one power surge in the corner. The internet is wireless and free! And of course, the best thing to keep you open-eyed and focused for the duration of your stay- my favorite Illy coffee!

Image from YELP

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