Thursday, August 23, 2007

Back at Cream

I'm back at Cream today - this is a cafe that I've mentioned on a few occasions in this blog. I think I have been avoiding it this summer probably because it is the place that I tend to go to the most during the semester, and I wanted my own little "vacation" from real work (though I have begun to realize that we don't really get vacations in this job.)

Suffice it to say— I'm back. And not much has changed. Laptop scrutinizing folks occupy each table. Electrical cords and power surges criss cross on the floor. People come here and really set up shop. I have my laptop plugged in, but there are folks with cell phone chargers, mice, external hard drives, and the woman behind me has plugged in a printer! No joke. I nearly died when I saw it. I wonder if I can connect to it on the network and print out some stuff of my own!

Cream should really start charging more rent for office space.With a purchase of a coffee at $1.50 every weekday (which is what I see most people here consuming) that puts the current rent for office space, with no electrical bill, at $30 per person per month. Not bad!

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MissHoneychurch said...

A while back a coffee house that I frequent posted a sign with time restrictions on the tables. Customers were granted permission to sit for a length of time deemed equal to the amount of purchases they made - an hour for a cup of coffee, two hours for a sandwich, etc. I don't know if they were ever enforced, but the sign itself did not go over very well. Comments of a not-so-friendly nature were written directly on the paper sign, making it obvious how the customers felt.

Now the sign is laminated.