Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back to School

I'm back on campus this week. And though I 've been in SD all summer long I have stayed away from campus as much as possible. But this week it has become unavoidable and necessary to return. Not too many students on campus yet, but you do see the typical parents and freshman arriving, unpacking, and getting dorm rooms setup. Aaahh, I love college life.

To my pleasant surprise there was a new sign outside my (shared) office with my name on it. It reads — "Prof. Eloise." Wow this is my first move toward having a real office! I know that I'm naively excited but please let me wallow in this short-lived bliss. This is a really nice gesture for them (the powers that be) considering I'm only an adjunct, but it definitely makes me feel more permanent and more wanted. I'll just put aside for the time being the fact that my name was spelled wrong. I have informed the office manager of this and she promised to have it changed.

So now I'm in the library putting final, and I mean FINAL, touches on my syllabus and getting the readings on reserve. Everything is going peachy and I'm looking forward to next week! First day of school!

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Ari said...

Did they spell Eloise with a "c" or a "k"?