Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Follow UP

I received a response to my letter to FMS and SS yesterday. I was a bit concerned about what I had done with sending the letter. It most certainly was not something I would have done without all of the stress from my aunt’s brain cancer building up around me. The letter was a risk, and under normal circumstances I probably would not have sent it. It is for precisely that reason that I was the most concerned because I knew that it was sent against my better judgment. But you know, sometimes I think it is important to act out of character. Who knows? Maybe some great achievements are even made that way. I should probably take more risks in my life.

I was happy to know that the department and summer sessions took my letter and concerns seriously and decided to reevaluate the process by which instructors are informed of cancellations. Not only did I receive a letter from the departmental manager, but also from one of the professors thanking me for alerting them to my concerns. They were in fact, unaware that my students had been notified before myself of the course cancellation. I am happy that the issue is resolved, and I feel good that I was able to speak my mind with good results. I did not want to make excuses for myself, but I did in the end confide in VD that in most likelihood I was a little bit more frustrated than I normally would have been because of the situation with my aunt.

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MissHoneychurch said...

That's a great result. Hopefully that will help restore the trust between you and the department.