Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Letter to FMS and Summer Sessions

Dear VD,
Since we spoke yesterday morning, I still have not received any word from TR about the cancellation. I know that the class has been canceled only because I spoke to you about it (because I phoned), and besides what you have told me I do not know anything about the rescinding of my contract or other details. I think it is inappropriate that TR has not contacted me personally via email or by telephone. I have had students email me in disappointment (which means that they have been notified), but I, the instructor of the course, have not been contacted about this matter. Considering the time and effort that I have put in to preparing for this class, for which it is likely I will in no way be compensated, I think it is extremely inconsiderate that he has not contacted me to explain what happens next, or to even apologize for the unfortunate circumstances.

I apologize for the tone of this letter, but I felt it necessary to share with you my dissatisfaction with the way the matter has been handled. When a person agrees to a job position, it means that any other job opportunities that come up during that time period are passed up on. Now more than a month into the summer, I am left with no time to find new work or compensation. In the future I recommend that another method should be explored in regards to dealing with this issue of enrollment and the profitability of summer classes. I am surprised that anybody would volunteer to teach a summer class with this kind of system. Normally, I would have kept these feelings to myself as I understand that a canceled class is just "the way it goes," but feeling as I have been treated with little respect here I felt it important to speak up.

The administration needs to seriously reconsider how it treats its instructors. I have been quite turned off by this entire process and will likely never volunteer to teach summer session at UC Irvine again, and when other graduate students ask me for my advice about summer teaching I will not hesitate to tell them about my experience.

Please feel free to pass this letter along to anyone who you think should read it, and please know that my frustration is in no way directed at you, you have only been helpful throughout these past few weeks.


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