Monday, August 6, 2007

Thanks RYS

Whoosh, I encountered a bit of unfamiliar fame yesterday when my blog was listed on Rate Your Students as a blog that "readers love." I had more hits to the site in one day than I have had in the total life of the blog.

My first reaction was immediate paranoia - I suddenly felt so exposed. I had never thought about having a real readership. For me, Academic Wasteland is an exercise to keep my creative juices flowing and to have a place where I can sort through my research and teaching ideas. I never thought that someone else might actually want to read it too. Lately I have been very open and honest here (read this and then this to catch up) I have openly said what I feel about academic life without really thinking about possible repercussions should my identity be discovered. It is this openness and honesty that I think might actually make readers interested in what I might have to say (much in the same way RYS functions). But of course there is always the question of how safe your anonymity is on the web and how much information is appropriate to disclose.

There is no question that the traffic to the site will probably taper off after a couple of days, but I do hope that some folks stick around. Despite the attention that a little bit of internet fame has brought- I expect that things at Academic W will mostly stay the same. I'm still new to teaching, working through the dissertation and dealing with a lot of unknowns in the academic world.

So, if you are new to my blog and want some good reads - let me recommend a few.
On teaching try my post on Generation ME or this one on student Apathy.

If you are interested in some of my research on architecture and Lawrence Halprin you might like this, this or this.

I also often review public spaces, particularly places to write - this might only be of interested to you if you are in SoCal. But if you ever spend your time working in cafes then no doubt you will probably relate to some of my observations. The Shark Tank was a particularly popular post.

Okay, enough blatant self-promotion! Stay, have a look and maybe we'll run into each other again sometime!


Rate Your Students said...

Hi. It was one of our readers who turned us on to your site, and we have enjoyed visiting. Nice've got a sharp mind and that's we love the most - next to cheese.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...


I'm one of those who followed the link over. I have been enjoying your blog immensely!

patricia said...

I just read some of your posts. I study and have interest in many tags you have. I visited quickly some links. I am also doing a doctorate in urbanism in Brazil, I also teach graduate students in architecture and urbanism. By the way, I loved the post Owning Up, some day I will give it a good and complete answer. Have you read Mark Davis planet of slums? (I read his the article, not the book, and I recommend it). Now I have not much time to write more, since my five year old kid is coming from school. have a nice day.

Village Vegan said...

What they said.

I'm enjoying your blog from a student's point of view!