Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend Synopsis

We went on a long weekend with husband's family. Some of the highlights/lessons learned are as follows:

1. Don't try to carry a smoked salmon in pocket through airport security and onto the airplane while shouting, "Where's the fish?" every hour or so throughout the trip.

2. No matter how far into nature you go, no matter how far you run in order to "get away from it all," these three things seem to be inescapable: cell phones and the discussion of "how many bars you have," wireless internet for a fee, and SUVs ruining your view. Where we were situated, in a beach house on the coast of Oregon, trucks and SUVs could roam freely on the beach. In addition, even if cell phones or connectivity does not stress you out, don't assume that on your present company. When someone's cell phone becomes more important than what is happening in the present space, the idea of spending time together seems incongruous. I think cell phones have allowed our culture more room for rudeness and god knows we don't need any more of that.

3. A small ruckus ensued over a heated Scrabble game. When proper nouns become integrated seamlessly into society as a word of their own - when can we demote them to a common noun? There was a controversy over the inclusion of the word "eden." I think I would like to write an entire paper on the topic. And yes I still hold firmly onto my belief that, Utopia is to utopia as Eden is to eden. And when did the Scrabble dictionary become the expert on the English language?

see here

and here for verification

4. Flying a kite is NOT easy. How Benjamin Franklin ever did it during a thunderstorm is beyond me.

5. You know you like who you are with when all of a sudden you realize it is 1:45 am and you are still not tired.

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