Friday, September 21, 2007

Experiments in Collaborative Design

Woo hoo!!
Chapter draft is officially done. It is, I admit, an obvious draft but as we speak I am on my way to Kinkos to photocopy it x 3 for each of my lovely advisers (I may as well see them as lovely now, before they give me comments back). The Chapter title as you may have guessed is "Experiments in Collaborative Design" it is a little risky I think and I'm not sure if I'm going to stick with it. Halprin did not like to think of his work as "group design," but I do and since I am the dissertator I can call it whatever I so feel.

Okay, I admit I'm not "on my way to Kinkos" as we speak. Rather, I am sitting in a cafe called Twigs in University Heights - just finished drinking a perfectly lovely fizzy juice drink and tweaking the end of the chapter. Yes, "the end" "il fin" "la fine" ... etcetera, etcetera.
But I do need to skedaddle off to print and copy, envelope and mail before Shabbat dinner... not much time now.

Gotta run!

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