Friday, September 14, 2007

I see Autumn around the corner...

Despite the majority of opinions that state the opposite I am convinced that there are seasons in southern California. Maybe you need to have lived here for 20+ years in order to have developed the sensitivity to recognize them. No doubt they are subtle, but when you come to know them these subtle changes in the environment are a welcome confirmation to the cyclical order of the world. Often times in the midst of a confrontation with 90 degree weather it is hard to imagine that come a month or two relief will come in the form of Autumn.

So what is Autumn like in southern California, you ask? You know that it is coming because the light that comes through your window in the late morning and early afternoon has a different color. It becomes softer, more golden, and not over saturated. In addition, the shadows that lay across the kitchen table stretch in length. The air slowly starts to feel crisper - like it is coming from the mountains instead of over the ocean. Instead of the tropical, slightly humid feel to summer air, autumn air is dry and brings chapped lips and dry hands - which cry out for lubrication.

This all goes to say that though some may deny it, I feel Autumn coming to southern California, and I welcome it with open arms. I'm ready to pull out my sweaters again and to make the switch back to warm lattes instead of iced ones.

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