Monday, September 10, 2007

A spoonful of neurosis helps the medicine go down

Crazy Husband decided to go to bed at 9:30 this evening. Usually I try to go to sleep the same time as he does so that we are on the same schedule. I have to say I gave it my best effort. I lay there in the dark, after watching 45 minutes of a PBS special on the history of Coronado Island, mind fully awake, eyes open, and not . . . sleeping! I finally decided to get up and put all this mental activity to some use — go write a blog post. If he wants to go to sleep at 9:30 that is fine by me, but I cannot be expected to participate in this incomprehensible behavior!

So here is a list of the crazy things going through my head while trying to sleep:
  • Last week I was notified by a fellowship that I applied to that I am a finalist and that they would inform me of their decision after Sept. 10. What does this mean? Will I know tomorrow? The next day? Sometime this week? As soon as the clock strikes 12 on Sept. 11 will I be notified? I have been seriously trying to send some good mental vibes in that direction (wherever they are) so that they will choose me. In bed, as I was laying there trying to sleep, I began to visualize the selection committee sitting around a table looking at my file, with other files open, and seeing them say, with my application in hand, "Yes, this is the one!" I remembered then that Oprah had said something about accepting a "gift" and if you do that then you will get whatever you want, so I thought, "Yes, I will accept the gift." I scrunched my brow and tried really hard to concentrate on this and then I had another thought, "Is scrunching your brow really necessary in order to think harder?" Hmmm....

  • I've also been completely and totally obsessed with this trainwreck called Britney Spears. I can't help it - I swear I have never behaved like this before. I have watched the video of her performance (twice) and read almost every review written about it online. So in bed I think about Britney's future - will she make her comeback ... ever? How will the drama continue? What will happen next?

  • I then lay in bed thinking about my second day of class tomorrow. We are discussing Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture - which buildings should I focus on? How many? How can I get the students to participate in an analysis for the first time in a gentle yet significant way? I promised them the guidelines for their first assignment tomorrow—what do I want them to write about? What would be a good essay topic? Myth... architecture... missions...??

  • I promised to bring meyer tzimmes (sweet carrots & raisins) for our Rosh Hashanah dinner. When is the best time to cook it - tomorrow? Wednesday morning...? Can't forget to go shopping...
Enough! Too much neurosis from this Jewish academic.

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MissHoneychurch said...

Britney was not open to the gift.