Monday, September 17, 2007

Wrapping this up.

I am very close to having a draft of my first chapter completed. I swear. I know that I have said this before but now I really mean it. Yes, it is only a draft, and yes I am scared *&^$less that my advisors will hate it, but all that means nothing to me right now. Now I am in the drive to nicely tie it all together in a concluding section.

This is my idea - for those of you interested:

In June of 1960 Lawrence Halprin gave a speech for the International Federation of Landscape Architects in Amsterdam. The title of his speech was, "The Role of the 20th Century Landscape Architect."
In 1961 Walter Gropius gave an address at Columbia University titled, "The Role of the Architect in Modern Society."
Given only a year apart, these two speeches seem to compliment each other in their goals to reevaluate not only the method in which the architect works in modern society, but also the way in which the architect contributes to society as a whole. You may not know this but Walter Gropius was one of Halprin's mentors at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (you would of course know this had you read the entire chapter).

In this chapter I am looking at the move toward collaborative design in a postwar United States.

Gropius is perhaps responsible for providing an alternative to standard architecture practice, but Halprin picks up where he left off and develops a full-fledged method and philosophy of collaborative design.

In a nutshell that is the last section that I need to write (a nice reflection on the two speeches). Then I will begin work on my next chapter (no rest for me). I will be researching theories of community.
After all having a philosophy of collaborative design is nice, but who gets to participate in it all?

*by the way - I still have not heard anything from the fellowship that I am a finalist for. As each day passes I am getting more nervous about it. Think good thoughts for me...

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