Friday, October 5, 2007

[ABD] A Better Day

My pulse is currently at 72. Yes I am a nut case, my husband often threatens to take me to the "loony bin," however I have good reason. I am in a very confusing situation - being ABD you are student, adjunct, and scholar (with a question mark). You never really know if you will be able to make it out of the pits of adjuncting, which is pretty much slave labor (no one can honestly live on these wages). So every now and then when there is reason to believe that there is an end to this academic purgatory it feels really good.

Today I was finally notified by the Foundation that I won the 2007 TMC Award - this is a $10,000 grant. That is a lot of money for someone like me. And it really helps to inspire me to move forward with my project. I want to make my advisors proud, I want to make my program proud, I want to make my family proud, etc.

My committee chair emailed me this really nice congrats:
A very big congratulations on your receipt of this grant.It is a recognition of your hard work and the high expectations that others have of you.

So if suffices to say that I am feeling very good right now. Now its' time to get to work!

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