Monday, October 8, 2007

Google, the answer to my prayers

All the nerves that I had last week, the week before, and the week before that are suddenly gone. Whoosh! That's it... I feel light as a bird. I'm busier than ever but waiting for the Fellowship news had taken it's toll on my state of being. Must make mental note: "In future, learn how to deal."


On a completely different topic— I am ready to admit that I have a little site meter that analyzes the traffic to my blog. It's only fair right? You get to read my thoughts and ponderings - shouldn't I get to know something about you? Granted, I don't learn very much. Besides the various countries that you come from, the pages you visit, and the kind of browser that you use, I don't know much else. I thinks its fair to say that you know a hell a lot more about me than I do about you. That's OK. I'm cool with that. It's sort of like my relationship with my students - I know what they look like, I might recognize their handwriting, and of course know their names... but who are they really? They come into class, they hear me talk about art I love, I tell them my views about things, my concerns, the things that I'm passionate about - I share all of this stuff with them. And I get a little bit back, this is true - but I also get a whole lot of mystery. I actually really want to know more about them - where do they come from? What are the things that they think about? What are they concerned about? What are their passions?

So I digress. I really wanted to share with all of you some of the more humorous things that I learn from the site meter about some of the visitors to my site (probably those who come and don't exactly find what they are looking for). Here are a few Google searches that have led folks to this blog (no joke):

1. japanese porn in the class
2. japanese superhero porn
3. burnout academics
4. sorority skits

Unfortunately because I utilize the site meter for free they only log the last 100 visitors, but I've seen everything from: "Graduate student losing mind" to "found my first gray hair."

What I have come to conclude from my observations from my Google spying is that I think people use Google to search for answers that they know they can't possibly answer easily but seek an easy fix: "Is grad school for me?" "Am I dumber than I think I am?" "Should I leave him?"


If only Google truly had the answer to all of our unanswered questions ....

Perhaps we could start to call it God-gle.

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