Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A little venting about bureaucracy, computers, and the reliable C paper that makes your hair fall out

Ergh. I'm feeling really annoyed today. I'm not sure why but everything just seems to be so complicated when it should be easy.

1. Why is it so hard to figure out how much money we have for the grad journal? I see why I did not choose accounting or economics as a field of study....ANNOYING! I emailed JW to find out our account balance and to make sure the bookkeeper's record matched our own. Oh, it was only $600 off. Why? Because of bureaucracy. Money that comes from AH, FMS, and VS for the journal is paid on an expense basis and not deposited into our account. Of course we didn't know this until today so we thought we were $600 short. In addition, when I confirmed with JW I was informed that VS did not have room for their $300 contribution this year so they just X'ed us out of the budget. What??!?! Can you really do that without informing the people who are planning on spending that money? Ethics??.. anybody? Anyhow after a few email exchanges and a total waste of time it turns out that yes, we do have the money that we thought we did. Oh goodie!!

2. Students who email me their crap and expect me to print it out for them because their friend's car broke down on the way to school to turn in the paper and they couldn't get here. Nor could they bring an extra copy to the next class! Plus my printer has run out of paper and the printer in the Art department office is not networked so I need to email everything that i want to print to the office manager. Ugh.

3. Out of all of the people working at Cream today why did I have to get the new guy? My latte turned into an Iced Mocha and then I had to feel bad for rejecting a drink that I did not order but was given to me and in turn cause the new guy much unneeded grief. I have a serious guilt complex, I know. After all, it wasn't I who made the mistake.

4. Journal. I have uploaded pictures to our webfiles that VM insists that she "cannot see." Of course I see them perfectly fine and well with both my eyes. I even download them to test and make sure that they are really there. After trying to email her the pics, and uploading them again. This morning a miracle happened and she was able to "see."

5. I'm just annoyed because I'm enjoying this feeling of being annoyed. And in a weird demented kind of way I think I would rather be annoyed and bitching to this blog than grading the last four papers I have on my desk. I stupidly ordered all the papers from Best to Worst (roughly, obviously its not a perfect science). And now I'm stuck with the four "worst" papers. Grading A papers is a pleasure. Grading C papers is a chore and makes you want to pull your hair out. You know what my desk will look like when the janitor comes in tonight. I hope he bring a broom. And I'm not being sexist because I actually know it is a "he" his name is Jose and he is very nice.

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