Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Living the abnormal

Doing much better today—less panic, more calm, praying for rain, winds to change to directions, and heat to withdraw. Thankfully, mother nature or the random complex mechanisms that drive the universe, seem to be cooperating more so today than yesterday (can random mechanisms 'cooperate'? I don't think so). Anyhow, I'm hoping that here in San Diego we will get back to "normal" relatively soon. Though for a lot of people who have lost their homes already, "normal" may seem a long ways away.

As for me, my panic seems to have mostly subsided and I am using my non-teaching vacation due to natural disaster to get some quiet reading done. Mainly continuing with Anna Halprin's biography, Experience through Dance by Janice Ross. I will also type up my notes from my meeting with SS at the Getty on Sat and continue organizing my "to do" list until it gains some semblance of do-ability—no sense in having a "to do" list that overwhelms you. Grad Journal proofs go out on Friday, and they are looking pretty good. I only have a few pages to do myself (table of contents, acknowledgments, contributors, etc.). As far as the grad journal goes I'm feeling my reign as managing editor slowly coming to an end and I can almost touch it it feels so good. I have worked so hard on this journal for the past 3+ years and possibly even to the detriment of some of my other responsibilities. I am very proud of the work I have done and know that I am leaving it in really really good hands — KH and VM are going to rock as new managing editors!

Until soon...

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