Thursday, October 4, 2007


It is 4:26 pm (6:26 pm in Chicago) on the day of the meeting of the Board of Trustees (in Chicago). I was supposed to be emailed right after the meeting. Perhaps they meant to say one day after the meeting? Maybe they have mixed understandings of the meaning of right after. I am going a bit insane here, and in all honesty I am a bit embarrassed by it. My email keeps doing this thing where it says "To many users logged in try again in 5 minutes." Aargh!! Then I try to do these breathing exercises to get me relaxed.

You have to understand I am one of those people who could be feeling totally nervous, excited, and anxious on the inside, but on the outside I appear totally calm and collected. I know that this is a blessing because I am of course often in situations where I should be nervous but don't want to appear nervous (teaching for one, nerve wrecking grad seminars where everyone tries to pretend that they are so smart because they are reading Hegel in the original German.) Okay I digress, but you get my point. The downside to this is that most people don't realize that I'm freaking out inside almost all of the time!!

Anyway- to switch topics. I had a student who had one of those horrible excuses for needing an extension on her paper— like her grandmother died, her best friend was in a car accident kind of thing. A car drove right into her bedroom on Tuesday morning! But this time it was true. I got an email from the Chair and everything. Apparently an 85 year old man had a seizure while driving and lost control of his car, went right into her bedroom! Luckily she is OK and he is OK too. And I happily gave her an extension on her paper.

By the way - I checked my pulse earlier and it was at 96 -- that's kinda fast isn't it?

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