Monday, October 1, 2007

Put a little change in my cup

SF pointed me in the direction of this "Post a Secret." I have certainly been feeling this way the past week or so (well, at least the 'in over my head part'). The quarter is off to quick start and I haven't quite gotten used to the pace. Those slow summer days are looking awfully good right now. My email inbox is about to explode. I literally do not have the time to read everything. Most of it is Journal business since we are starting production on Vol. 3, and it will be going to press in November we have lots to do. Contributors and editors have been sending me all their final materials, I then organize them all and send them to NB to be copy-edited, then they come back and I distribute them to the production crew with Quark templates. It is a lot of organization and communication and with my inbox overflowing I'm just hoping that I don't miss anything important that comes in. Plus I will, at some point read all of the text myself to make sure that there aren't any glaring concerns.

I just found out today that due to my current "in limbo" status (not with Fellowship, not with Leave of Absence), I have been dropped from the school health insurance. However, although it sounds scary, once everything is resolved the insurance should be put into place retroactively. So I should be seeing the $100 I spent on prescriptions on Friday again.

The Foundation will notify me about the award results on Thursday. My heart picks up a little just thinking about it. Please think positive thoughts for me!

Tomorrow in class we are reading about political activism in Los Angeles. I don't have a clue what to teach yet. Though we are reading an excellent text by Laura Pulido, and I will try to pick up some ideas there. I'm thinking of bringing in the Los Angeles School (cinema).

Luckily, although it feels like it is near, I am not yet on the street with a cup in my hand. Let's hope that this Fellowship fills up that cup for me, and for the full year!

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