Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interview #2

I had another dissertation interview today with the media artist Chip Lord who had attended the Halprin workshop "Experiments in Environment" in 1968. The vibe of the interview was much different than my last one. I think this is probably because he remembered this workshop quite fondly, and because it had had a large impact on his life. In that sense, there was a real ease in talking about it, and he really did remember a lot. It was really enjoyable to speak with him, and to meet with someone who is enthusiastic about the Halprins work during this time.

It is kind of interesting because my advisor FS is writing a book on the artist and architectural collective started by Lord, Ant Farm from 1968-1978. I'm really excited for when her book will come out (May 2008).

Hippies chill in Ant Farm's Inflatable, 1971.

I have to get back to work. I have papers to grade, a class to plan (last day - yeah!!), and an interview summary to write up. Back soon.

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