Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Returning from an absence...

Returning after a long absence is never easy. I wish that I could tell you that I was "chiuso per natale" and that I was simply protecting my rights to leisure time. And yes that is partially true, but I also spent much of this time away from you collecting data for my diss. It would be impossible to tell you everything that I have been up to, but I will try to pinpoint some of the highlights from the last month or so.

1. California coast road trip (Cambria, Big Sur, Pacific Grove, Stanford, SF, and Berkeley) with sis - interviewing people along the way, including: Janice Ross from Stanford and Donlyn Lyndon (almost a palindromic name!) from Berkeley.

2. New Year's rock out to Smith's cover band the Sweet and Tender Hooligans in Silverlake.
If it's not Love
Then it's the Bomb
Then it's the Bomb
That will bring us together
3. 8 days spent raking through the files at the Lawrence Halprin archive at Penn. With a two-day jaunt in D.C. which included the National Portrait Gallery, The American Art Museum, The National Gallery, the monuments-- and most importantly the FDR memorial designed by who else? Lawrence Halprin. I'm such a groupie.

4. 100% all relax, all the time 5-night cruise with husband to Cabo San Lucas. Scuba diving in the bay, excellent food, lots of silly trivia games, bingo, and other cruise ridiculousness.

5. New gig at Woodbury University. Finally working with students who care about architecture!! Yipee!

6. Celebrating the big 3-0. Yep indeed birthday madness for me this weekend— bowling with the fam and the cousins (who announced that a baby is on the way!). Strawberry shortcake-yum, dinner at a restaurant with waiters that sing, and a marathon game of monopoly with mom coming out to be the winner (husband and I over extended our property ownership and ended up cash poor).

7. This week sort of back to work - in-laws visit thurs - tues.

It has been a very busy month. I hope you will understand my blog hiatus. Now that it is back to work there will be lots to post.

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