Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday morning apology

Yes I've been slacking on the blog - much apologies to my devotees. I appreciate your avid attention and hate to keep you in the lurch. This past week has been a bit of a trial. I am now teaching two classes at two separate universities and am preparing for two conferences. My in-laws also came in for a visit which took me away from my work and concentration for a little bit. OK. - so how is that for excuses?

Let me give you the low down on the two new teaching gigs:

1. Los Angeles based Architecture School has an arm in SD and I started teaching Modern Architecture History to about 16 young aspiring architects. So far it is really great. Nice students, eager to learn, and ask good questions (this is really all that I'm looking for). If any students read my blog you should know that your profs are most likely Ok with the fact that you might disagree with them every once in awhile. We want to be challenged and we want to encourage you to challenge us. So ask hard questions - its OK, we are trained to handle it and we won't think that you are a ^%$#W#@. When you ask tough questions we see that you are engaged and that you care enough to evaluate what you are being taught. This new school has smart kids like that ... they look closely and carefully at what is taught to them. They keep me on my game and I like that.

2. small Catholic liberal arts college - teaching Modern Arch also. This is the school that I have been teaching at for the past two years. I can't yet make an evaluation of this new group. I was really impressed with my last class - though I must say that they are certainly not at the same critical level as the students in any of the other schools that I have taught. 'm nnot sure exactly why but they seem to have a very difficult time thinking critically. I have to work on that with them. This class is really large - every seat is taken (around 40). Now I know as far as college course go this is not that large of a class - but it is large for this school - and for me, since I have not taught any large lecture courses yet. I'm still working on figuring out the right way to handle the group -how to get interaction and engagement coming from both sides of the classroom. I'm going to try some things out today and see how it goes.

I'll update you on the conferences in a little bit, but for now I need to get to work. I'm at Cream and forgot my AC cord so I only have 46 minutes to work before I have to go home and plug in the laptop.

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