Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back in Sunny Cal

So I'm really happy to be back in California. I had a great time in Binghamton though, the AH department at BU was incredibly gracious and welcoming. The paper I presented was very well received - even more so than in my own department (i have some theories as to why this is so). It is an incredible feeling to present your research and then to receive so much enthusiasm in response. The Q&A was great — Douglas Crimp and Tom McDonough both asked really good questions and spoke to me afterwards. McDonough said that there is a real large need for research in this area - and he was really happy to see me doing it. WOW. So in case you aren't familiar with DC or TM - they are both hugely important in the field of Art Criticism - they are each editors (or former editors) of two of the arguably most prestigious and important journals in the field OCTOBER and GREYROOM. Anyhow - it was really amazing and I have to say the only thing that could have gone better is if I had responded to TM's question more directly. I am currently writing him a response which I will send him via email.

So, nonetheless, I am back - i have some more time this week. A little teaching "spring break" for me. Though, as you can probably tell I have an extreme amount of momentum propelling me forward to finalize this second chapter. It would be really incredible if I could send it out for potential publication. This is my goal for the next few weeks.

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Stephanie said...

Congratulations on the good experience! I can imagine how meaningful it is to get encouragement from people within your field. Well done!