Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Strangely Immobile

Last week included some major crisis management. While preparing for a conference presentation on Thursday, my laptop completely died on me. Trying not to panic I took the laptop to the Apple store, and while the Apple Genius was able to get my files off of the computer, the computer itself was beyond help. Luckily, I have a desktop as well and so I was able to finish my presentation and class prep all before 1 am. Not without frazzling my nerves though.

Now I find myself sans laptop, and although luckily with all of my important files, I am strangely immobile. My dependency on my laptop has become very clear the past two days. My day usually involves some sort of decision making around where to go work, and you've heard a fair share of my favorite spots—Cream, Krakatoa, UCSD. But now I have no choice but to work at my desk at home. To some degree it is freeing that the choice is made for me. On the other hand, I wonder how well I'll work here - and how long will it take for this uncomfortable chair to drive me bonkers!

Thankfully it is an absolutely gorgeous day in San Diego - you could not ask for better. Balmy and breezy and full of sunshine!

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