Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Bug's Life

There is something that has been irking at me the past couple of weeks or so and I have not posted about it because I feel like I am being a paranoid neurotic. I have been getting lots and lots of bug bites lately, and everywhere I go I feel like I'm being eaten up. At this point I know that it is becoming a psychological problem, but it is greatly distracting from my focus and let's face it - overall happiness in my day to day life.

My husband and I thoroughly cleaned our entire bedroom- washed the mattress pad, sheets and comforter, bought new pillows, and have sprayed bug repellent around. I get bites, he doesn't. I have been collecting specimens from our house - from little gnat/flying thingies to creepy crawlers that we both believe could or could not be bedbugs. I have my little ziploc bag of specimens by the computer for identification. It is an impossible feat. Then, after being in my office for 4-5 hours on Monday, I came home with more bites - so now I'm beginning to think that the infestation is there- where I do see little flies every once in a while. I hate to use pesticides but I'm reaching the end of the line here. I'm turning into an itching, bug catching, squashing, and cleaning maniac!!
And I know for a fact my husband is going to boot me out of the house if I mention it to him one more time.

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Stephanie said...

When it comes to itches, it's always a possibility that the itchiness is all a part of a physical/mental vicious circle... as in the more you scratch the more it itches, and the more itchy you feel the more convinced you are that there is something other than the scratching that is making you itch.

While I'm intrigued by your ziploc full of bugs, I'm not sure who exactly is going to be doing the analysis. Instead I say go with the pesticides. I'm not in love with them either, but better fog that office and see if that solves your problem than to continue to suffer.

In the mean time, I suggest a soak in an oatmeal bath. Really soothing to the skin. I think Aveeno makes single serving packets. Also make sure to be using a perfume free hypoallergenic lotion. Keep your skin hydrated so that dry skin doesn't contribute to the itch, but no perfume so that it doesn't attract the bugs (which could also be the difference between you and hubs).

Good luck!