Thursday, April 3, 2008

A quick digression.

I only have a few minutes to post. I have a few minutes in my office before I need to go attend a lecture. Today has been one of those days where it has been a little tough to motivate myself. The weather is so beautiful that all I want to do is sit outside and enjoy the breeze. Anyhow. I have been reading a lot of really interesting stuff lately and have been meaning to post about it, but have not been able to, again, motivate. This weekend I am presenting at my last conference for the semester here in town. I'm looking forward to it (sort of) I am a little bit burnt out of conferences for the time being and I'm ready to stick my head back into my own work. Not that I don't enjoy hearing about other folks' work it's just that it can be a bit distracting.

Tomorrow for class I will be showing snippets from Jacques Tati's Mon Oncle. I love this part of the class. Basically we have spent the entire semester building up to Modernism with a capital 'M' and the in one day or so I'll just rip it to shreds. Heh. There is something about Modernist architecture that I am completely drawn to. The simplicity of line and form... I feel like I spend my life engaged in an inner and outer battle to modernize my life - to streamline it, make it clean, open, uncluttered and healthy. I like Le Corbusier's Modernism because of his insistence that modernist form is not just aesthetically beautiful, and universally so, but that it is spiritual. Ah, if only I could allow myself to believe this. It is like the dangerous sense that everything is right in the world that you get when you walk into a beautiful shopping mall. All conflict, disaster, poverty, and war is gone from the surface. The clean beautiful mannequins displaya fantasy world of ideal forms and beauty, their chalky faces stare silently into the eternal void. Aaaah... as if.

I digress entirely. Modernism in some cases is/was a valient attempt at making the world right through design... and in this sense the modernists did not have it entirely wrong... more on this later.

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