Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm not an English instructor so don't ask me what poetry is...

With about 45 minutes left until class begins, I am torn as to whether it would be any good at all to pull out those exams that are screaming to be graded. As of now, they stay silenced in my backpack on the floor next to me as I write this piece of procrastination poetry.

Or, I could flip through the book I just picked up at the University Library... Technologies of the Self, a horribly purplish book with a fragmented picture of Michel Foucault on the cover. I was so excited to find that the library had this in their catalog that I rushed over there about a half hour ago to pick it off the shelves, and now it sits lonely and confused on my desk with the look that wonders why I even bothered. Staring at me with those lonely eyes that speak what many of the books laying in piles around my house often do.... why me????

But I will get to it sometime no doubt - between bouts of solitaire, blogposts, and american idol recaps- there is only so much trash in the world that one can submit oneself to. Did you know that Ashley Simpson is preggers? You see!?! That doesn't help with the "I'm a professor" profile I'm trying to create. Speaking of which I read a funny article about profs who have myspace and facebook profiles because they think that it helps them seem less scary to their students. Ha! That is silly I thought that we are supposed to look scary! Isn't that what makes students learn... I know that until my advisor wrote me a very mean and scary email that made me cry for three days I was doing pretty well at twiddling my thumbs.

I do not want my students in any way, shape or form to have access to my Friendster or myspace profiles. ... they should not know how old I am, what I like to eat for dinner, or know what my dog's name is, my pet names for my husband.... what I like to rock out to (lately the Kooks).... I won't even tell them about this blog. It is called "professional distance" and it is sooooooo important (in the spirit of myspace profiles I added some Os) in academia I can't tell you enough. These kids are young, and I hate to say it but completely immature. They need to learn what professional distance is and they certainly don't need some adult to cross the line as a model.

Opening yourself up anonymously is one thing, crying, confiding, and procrastinating, in front of strangers is a healthy form of self-contemplation and self-reflection.

Thank you for letting me procrastinate in front of you.

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