Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Does everything have to be about money?

So my husband and I recently bought a Prius. And not surprisingly it sparks a lot of conversations with friends and family and even strangers about hybrid cars. With gas prices rising with no end in sight many people seem ready to jump on the hybrid bandwagon. One thing I have learned as a new Prius owner is that $$ is what is really the motivator for both the discussion and the decision to go hybrid.

Speaking with a family member who is considering purchasing a Prius, the bulk of the discussion is MPG, which equals money saved, plus tax rebates...and other monetary benefits. After debating this round and round ("Is the premium you pay for a hybrid worth it?") I finally just blurted out, "Well no matter what the financial benefits are, there are benefits to the quality of our air and ridding ourself of our dependency on oil." Phew. Geez. Is this the elephant in the room? Is there some reason why fixing our air quality, lowering green house gas emissions, and buying less oil are not all valuable reasons and ENOUGH reason to purchase a cleaner burning vehicle??

I'll be honest with you, I did not buy this car to save money. This car was probably more expensive than I could afford easily. But being in the market for a new car and NOT considering all of the ideological problems with gas-fueled vehicles was impossible. If I could do it again, I would buy a completely electric car. After driving the Prius for a few weeks I realize that there is no reason for anyone to drive anything polluting- except perhaps semis. The fact that the major bulk of the world is driving around in these dinosaurs just goes to show how innovation is all about money. We totally have the capacity to fix this problem. But change is slow, and minds are too narrow to widen. Especially when the view is fixated on dollar signs.

As my husband would say, "Why don't you all get your head out of your ARSE-holes." Heh. I know that is crude, but what else is there to say?

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Craig said...

I very much agree with your post. I get very frustrated when everything is about everyone's pocketbook.

The saddest part about these $4/gallon gas prices is not the price itself, but the fact that many people are not moved to do something about a problem until it impacts them in their wallet.