Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A map of the near future...

I can't sleep. Tomorrow's—no, make that today's—"to-dos" keep running through my head. Add this to what a very wise woman once told me—that every blog needs a list—and so here you have a blogpost. Here is my "to-do" list, organized the same way as my real-life "to-do" notepad.
On the top it reads: ACCOMPLISH
It is then divided into the following sections to which I add:

WRITE/MAIL CAA conference apps/abstracts
GRADE remaining WU finals
GRADE WU presentations
PRINT/MAIL Chapter 2 to SS
PRINT Octopus articles for review
PRINT WU research papers
CALL MI about name spelling for wedding gift.
FAX gift lady name spelling for engraving
READ student research paper draft/email comments

WRITE lesson plan and review for SU
BUY JM shower gift
BUY Mother's Day gift
REVIEW Octopus articles

DRIVE to lala land
ATTEND shower
ATTEND Mother's DAY celebration
REVIEW Octopus articles
DRIVE back

WRITE intro, rework chp. one
READ Liz Kotz, Scott
READ/GRADE Research Papers -

WRITE Chapters 3 and 4
ADOPT a puppy
ORDER wedding album

FILE dissertation
GO on vacation
GET a life

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

It's sad but the category that most spoke to me there was "MAYBE NEVER." I should organize my to do list like yours. Maybe then I might get something done. Other than a blog post.