Thursday, June 12, 2008


My husband and I just joined a Community Supported Agriculture program. Which basically means that we will be getting all of our produce from an organic local farm. You pay in advance and then pickup a box of goodies either once a week or once every two weeks (up to you). So today was our first pickup. We decided to start with once every other week to see how much we end up eating and to see how much we get. The box is enormous and full of good stuff! I was so excited to unpack it. We got:
squash (a few different varieties)
green onions

I think this is really going to be good for us. Not only health-wise but I am also really looking forward to the experience of eating vegetables seasonally. We have been too spoiled at the grocery store and for no good reason. Now we will eat what the farm harvests according to the climate and conditions. We have a lot of vegetables to be eating over the next couple of weeks, and I'll let you know how we do. My first goal will be to cook kale so that it is delicious (I've never been a big fan) but I have some recipes I'm thinking about trying. I am missing tomatoes though - I was hoping that we might get some salmonella free.

Here is a website with a list of CSA programs. Just fill in your zip code to find the nearest one to you. Our farm is JR Organics.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like a great program, let me know how it goes!

eloise said...

I forgot to mention that we got carrots too!!!