Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Laze of Summer

So the mercury is climbing in good ol' San Diego and even though the meteorologists claim that it is a comfortable 83 degrees Fahrenheit - I find that hard to believe. The heat is definitely bearable (I don't want it to seem like I am complaining) but it does make working a challenge. The heat puts my body in conservation mode and even my brain activity is rationed in order to keep me cool and my overall mood agreeable.

So about a week ago (when I wrote my last post about my current chapter work) I also wrote an email to Felicity S. to ask her opinion about the ideas I've been tossing around. Since I am working diligently through her book for a book review to be published in December I have also become inspired to incorporate her ideas into my own work on Halprin and Ecology. So she has been in London and finally was able to respond to my email and she loved them!! I'm so excited. I was super nervous about this because there was always the danger that I was misinterpreting her work and/or expanding on her ideas in a way that she did not deem appropriate.

My summer laze needs to wear off quick because the work is starting to pile on and the deadlines are accumulating. I will be teaching a 6-week summer course on the City and Utopia, writing a book review (on two books), editing an article for a grad journal, preparing an abstract for CAA conference, and finishing up two chapters - all by Sept. 10. Lots of good stuff though.

however, first one musts focus on George Michael in Vegas this weekend. Yipeee!

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Stephanie said...

Have fun in Vegas!