Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back from Hiatus

I've been on hiatus from blogging. There have been many things occupying my brain and my time that I have not had the time or the desire to blog. However, many interesting things have been happening. I am working on many different projects right now.

First, I am still working through the urban ecology chapter on Halprin though I did take a break to some archival research. The archivist of the Environmental Design archives in Berkeley introduced me to some history on the school and a group of designers called Telesis that formed in the 1940s in the Bay Area to conduct "environmental research." The documents I looked through are helping me to form the narrative of my story about Halprin's philosophy on urban ecology. I was also able to locate two articles written by Halprin published in the student journals at CED, Space and Landmark.

I also visited Anna Halprin's archive at the San Francisco Performance and Design Museum and Library. I found more correspondence from John Cage, Allan Kaprow, Merce Cunningham, and La Monte Young - to help support my "Experiments in Environment" chapter. I also watched an hour long KQED documentary called Inner Landscapes on the Halprins.

I am currently editing a 44 page article for the journal Octopus - which is very detailed and time consuming work.

And.... I start my summer class next week! Ach!! No more free time.

And, working on a Book Review of FS's books also for Octopus.

I will post some of my writing soon. (I promise).

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