Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I detect a soft breeze...

I am sitting here in my living room trying to feel a breeze. It isn't easy working in the heat. It especially isn't easy working in stale air, and so I am waiting for a breeze that will give me the support I need to write.

My summers are never as relaxing as I had hoped for, and this one is no exception. I have many deadlines approaching now so my stress level is slowly rising. On top of teaching an intense summer class on the City & Utopia, I have had to deal with a major advisorial crisis. Now that the crisis is past (at least for the moment), I need to get my shit together for my upcoming three-chapter deadline on Sept. 1. Yes, I said it- three-chapter deadline. Not a Chapter 3 deadline. Rather, I have created for myself a deadline for my first three chapters, and I will be making this deadline without question. The only unsolved denominator is whether I'll have slept at all the week beforehand.

My class is going incredibly well. I think it may turn out to be the best class that I have taught as of yet. I have 8 really fantastic students. And all of the dynamics seem to be working. We sit in a circle and have fun, easy-going, yet intelligent discussions about the material. And the best thing is that they have all read it and are prepared for class! It is absolutely fabulous. I am very impressed with them, and I'm trying to make a mental note of all the things that are working.

I'm sorry for the hiatus, but is is hard to type unless there is a breeze, and its been hot here for the past three weeks. Let's hope for a breezy few weeks.

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Stephanie said...

Great to hear the class is going so well!